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Starfall Squadron Apk v1.1.0 (Full) DOWNLOAD

Starfall Squadron

 Starfall Squadron Apk v1.1.0 Starfall Squadron has been designed to be challenging for seasoned strategy game fans, while multiple game modes and difficulty levels make it accessible for newcomers. Defend your base and fend off those nasty Space Pirates until reinforcements arrive in Challenge Mode. Keep your ships alive as long as you can while you go for the high score in Survival Mode.

-Command hundreds of ships in huge battles against the evil Space Pirates
-Gorgeous, hand-drawn art
-A large variety of enemy fighters to face off against
-Two game modes
-Achievements to unlock
-No ads or in-app purchases; future updates and add-ons will be released at no additional charge

You have your mission rookie; now get out there and show those Space Pirates what the Starfall Squadron is all about!

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Starfall Squadron 1.1.0 (Full)

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