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Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend Apk v1.0.29 Mod

Mighty Crew Millennium Legend

Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend Apk v1.0.29 Mod The legendary bearded Viking warrior you control knows no fear. Under your guidance, he will vanquish hundreds of evil monsters, including goblins, golems, and other stone creatures. Discover Cosmolis’ insidious plan and face him in glorious combat for the fate of the whole world!

• More than 80 diverse levels
• An arena with hundreds of monsters and bloodthirsty bosses
• A fascinating storyline with superb graphics and sound
• Free boosts to upgrade your stats
• Lots of variations of skills and equipment
• A crafting system for rare items
• Quests with valuable rewards
• Entertaining dialog you’ll never want to skip.

Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend is a beautiful meld of action and RPG, of slasher and side-scroller.

Improve your skills and find new equipment and weapons for your hero.
As you complete more and more levels, your technoviking will learn new moves and attacks that you can put to good use in the Arena.

Fight in survival battles to win valuable prizes. You can also get rare items from chests or forge fine equipment at the Blacksmith.

Finally awakened after a thousand-year slumber, this berserker can masterfully wield any weapon, be it a massive sword or a long poleaxe. He fears neither magic nor monsters, neither beasts nor bosses. His quest – to put a stop to the lawless mayhem waged by barbarians, goblins, yetis, shamans, and other forces of evil!

Drive back the shadow of evil before it consumes Millennium. Save the continent!

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Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend v1.0.29 Apk Mod


Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend v1.0.29 Apk Mod

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