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Luna Chronicles v1.0 Моd APK (Massive Attack)

Luna Chronicles

Luna Chronicles v1.0 Моd APK (Massive Attack)  Breath-taking PVP siege battles for gold!
Running low on gold? Loot the town! But, don’t forget to protect your own fotress!

– Create your own class-bending character with hundreds of unique items!
Want to be a tanker healer with a lot of HP? Equip the healing ‘Skill Book’!

It’s your chance to write the new history of Luna Chronicles!
Become a hero of the fierce, strategic battlefield!

Game Characteristics

[Get a taste of the turn-based battle!] To attack, or to protect? That is the question!
Kick it up a notch with diverse buffs and battle formations!
Mind-blowing action guaranteed!

[Thou shalt covet the gold! Siege RPG!] Show no mercy in your ruthless pillaging!
Brutal pillaging between users in siege warfare!

[Rise to the top with your favorite character!] For anyone who’s sick and tired of fail chances…
Your own character will get you straight from 2 stars to 6 stars!

[Shattering typical class barriers!]
Why can’t a warrior become a healer?
The perfect ‘two-birds-with-one-stone’ action RPG.
Create your own class through ‘Skill Books’ with varying stats!

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Luna Chronicles v 1.0 Моd APK (Massive Attack)

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